Quando uma pergunta é feita, ao lado da caixa de edição de tags, aparece um texto de ajuda “Como fazer uma tag”. Neste texto, há

caracteres da tag: [a a z 0 a 9 + # - .]

Algo está errado. Deveria ser algo como:

caracteres da tag: a–z áâãàçéêíóôõú 0–9 -+.#


caracteres da tag: letras dígitos -+.#


(English version because my Portuguese may not be comprehensible, feel free to edit)

When asking a question, next to the tag edit box, a help text appears: “Como fazer uma tag”. In this text, there is

caracteres da tag: [a a z 0 a 9 + # - .]

Something is wrong. This should be something like

caracteres da tag: a-z áâãàçéêíóôõú 0-9 -+#.


caracteres da tag: letras dígitos -+.#

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    This looks like a UI oversight from when we enabled non-ASCII tags; I will have to see if I can think of some terse yet accurate way of describing what is allowed! Out of curiosity, can I assume that the middle "a" here in "a a z", "0 a 9" can be interpreted as (in English) "to"? Commented 10/08/2015 às 11:49
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    @MarcGravell Oh, that's what it means! (I don't speak Portuguese, I only guess it from French...) I think “letters” (“letras”?) would work best, same as meta.french.stackexchange.com/questions/589/… Commented 10/08/2015 às 11:55
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    @MarcGravell Yes, you are right: "a to z" and "0 to 9".
    – Franchesco
    Commented 10/08/2015 às 12:02
  • @MarcGravell it can be interpreted that way, but it looks weird. Also, speaking for myself, when I see something that says I can use a-z, I automatically assume I can use all the accents. We don't thing of accented chars as different letters in Portuguese. They're the same thing, just spoken in a different way. Another pt-speaking soul might have a different take on the subject, though.
    – Gabe
    Commented 10/08/2015 às 16:07
  • @Gabe Oh? Maybe it's my programming background, but when I see a-z, I assume ASCII only. (I'm French, so my outlook on accented letters should be pretty much the same as in Portuguese.) Commented 10/08/2015 às 16:31
  • @Gilles Yeah, my programming background tells me the same thing, but I still don't thing I'd do this in this particular case (because I'm not looking at a regex, or something within a programming context). This is a site full of programmers, though, so it'd be nice to have some more opinions on the subject
    – Gabe
    Commented 10/08/2015 às 16:33
  • @Gabe in that case - with your "We don't thing of accented chars as different letters in Portuguese" - is it already correct as written? Commented 11/08/2015 às 11:15
  • @MarcGravell Yeah, but I'd change the "a a z 0 a 9" to something like "a até z, 0 até 9"
    – Gabe
    Commented 11/08/2015 às 14:40
  • @Gabe see also the discussion on French; the list is much wider than that really Commented 11/08/2015 às 14:49
  • @Gabe the a vs até is down to our translators; we can try to sidestep, though Commented 11/08/2015 às 14:51

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This will be clearer next build, although there will be some period where it shows in English while it goes via our 3rd-party translation service.

  • New version is definitely better
    – Gabe
    Commented 11/08/2015 às 15:21

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