Studying MBA in IT Management and Digital Transformation and graduated in Computer Networks and a Python enthusiast dreaming of being a Jedi Master, I have a career in the technology area having the following experiences:

✅ Specialist in technical support and systems implementation ✅ Enchanting customers (Creating an incredible customer service experience) ✅ Chatbots (IA's, Mktzap, Blip, Huggy, Zenvia) | Dialogflow (Google), LUIS (Microsoft) and IBM Watson ✅ Extensive knowledge with network infrastructure (Protocols, Structured Cabling, Blades, Switches, Router, Access Point) ✅ Implementation of process improvements (Automation) BI Power BI (Reports, KPI's) ✅ Data analysis in SQL / PL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Diagnostic analysis, Views creation, Queries) ✅ Development of reports (Excel Macros, Dashboards) Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora) ✅ Zendesk implementation and configuration ✅ Firewall (PFSense, IPTables) ✅ Servers (Debian and Windows Server 2008/2012/2016) ✅ Active Directory (Creating Profiles, Maintaining Domain Trees, Controllers)

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