Carlos Henrique

Delphi (7 years)

Analysis - System scan (Check what is affected in the system according to such procedure inside the source). Knowledge with object-oriented programming with Delphi using abstract methods, constructors, forms inheritance, classes. Knowledge with Scrum to this day. Data Conversion (paradox, firebird, PostgreSQL, access to SQL Server 2008 R2). Creation of layouts for generation of bank tickets. Creating XML and Dll in Delphi. Export and import .txt, .csv files. Courses made on project standard (refactoring in Delphi) with Guinard Pauli. Basic knowledge with multilayers and Datasnap. Studies done for delphi developer certification. Knowledge with creation of Components, DLLs and OCX with Delphi for third-party applications

Xamarin (3 Months)

Jenkins Knowledge with this platform to maintain products with qualities and without bugs, creating unit tests, method by method, bringing a code coverage result with NUnit (TDD).

Final Builder Knowledge with this platform for generation of installers with products created in Delphi.

Inno Setup Knowledge with this platform for as a tool for generation by the final builder, taking files to the package, installing dlls, among other functionalities.

** Intermediate knowledge **

Database (SQL Server 2008, Mysql and PostgreSQL). Domain in T-SQL language: (Select, insert, delete, update, cte - Comumn table expression, cursors, pivot, row_number, others). Creation of functions (scalar, inline, table function), views, procedures, triggers. Studies made for Microsoft MCTS certification (SQL Server). Creating scripts for inserting data into a server for TDD

Node.js Intermediate knowledge with this tool due to the use of it for mock server for the execution of the tests and the maintenance of product quality.

Delphi x Android Knowledge with Delphi programming geared toward Mobile.

Basic knowledge

Java (Android). Basic java knowledge for desktop and also with mobile application development.

Web (HTML, CSS, PHP, angularjs, javascript, protractor, grunt, JQuery). Basic knowledge with web development. Knowledge with methodologies SCRUM CMMI lvl 2.

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