Alexandre Wiechers Vaz

I'm a self taught full stack developer.

I've always had in mind that technology can change the world and should be used to solve people problems and make their lives better. In 2014, I moved to Chile to attend an entrepreneurship bootcamp, in order to improve my skills and shift my career focus. There, I started my own company (Scribe), and after two years, I left to start working with early and mid stage startups, actively participating on product development and growth strategies, and always coding.

My first experiences were with Java and PHP, then, as I stated my own startup, I chose Ruby on Rails and fell in love with its ease of use and how it allowed me to deliver new features in a fast pace. I sticked with Rails, using primarily HAML. As a Full Stack since day one, Front End is a constant in my life. I've been consistently working with modern Front End stack for the past 6 years, being most of them with SASS (6 years) and React (5 years)

Specialties: Back End development with Ruby, Java, NodeJS and PHP, Front End Development with React and Angular, Hybrid Mobile App development with Javascript, Product Development, Data Analysis

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