I'm primarily a C and C++ developer, with experience in TCP/IP at the BSD sockets level interface. My C skills are still at the C89 level. I usually work with heavily threaded applications that must work both in Windows and Linux. In another life I used to work programming devices via the (defunct, I think) serial port: card readers, cheque scanners, money dispensers and the like. Other languages I like are Lua and Perl, especially Perl 6. I hate XML, and don't care much about JSON and Python. My hands and fingers work by themselves when I open a file in Vim. I like grep, sed and find (the Linux find, not the Windows find). In Windows I always use the Conemu terminal. I use and love GNOME, and never managed to like KDE. I like dark colors and themes. In the times before there was an internet I used to have an interest in compilers and AI, but nowadays I like to work closer to the metal. I'm a leftist, and think that cooperation is as good as competition. I take pride in providing answers that are both technically and grammatically accurate. That's all for now folks.

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