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Tiago Luz
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I love technology, mathematics and computers since I was a child, influenced by my father, who is an engineer. We have always had computers at home, and since the 80s my father taught me to program with Basic and C. In 1998, right after entering college, I started doing small jobs as a programmer and in 1999 I got my first job as a professional developer.

Over the years I worked on several projects and companies as a developer, technical leader, team manager and architect, until 2007, when I founded my own company called Tolv. I currently work as a developer on different technologies for different products and platforms. I also act as an agilist, training, taking care and safeguarding agile business practices and developing software solutions with agile fremeworks, focused on Scrum and Kanban. I have more than 20 agile certifications, being one of the few professionals in the world to have all from

In addition to my work at Tolv, I also provide consulting and training for people, teams and companies in infrastructure, systems integration, Scrum / Agile, software development, digital transformation, process automation and customer service practices. In 2019 I decided to go back to university to fulfill my dream of complete the Computer Science degree, which I had set aside years ago, due to the company's growth, to be concluded at the end of 2022.

Senior Fullstack software developer, architect, Agilist

Web development (frontend and backend) and middleware. IOS developer and Android developer (native) Scrum certifications: PSM I, PSM II, PSM III, PSPO I, PSPO II, PSPO III, SPS, PAL I, PAL EBM, PSD I, PSK I, PSU I (among others) More than 22 years of experience as a developer More than 15 years of experience leading development teams Technologies: Java SE / EE, Spring Boot, Javascript / Typescript, Node.js, Angular 2+, PHP, IOS development, Android development, Docker, Angular, Vue, MySQL / MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Git, Jenkins, Linux, Zabbix, Bacula, Xen Server, Amazon AWS EC2 / S3.

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