Mário Rodeghiero

I worked for 10 years with telecommunications, the last 5 years as Datacenter Analyst managing and managing more than 80 equipment, serving more than 200 thousand clients. In 2016 I started to focus more on creating applications to optimize and monitor Datacenter services such as DNS's, servers, routers and CMTS's. I used languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS and Sheel script, with these applications it was possible to improve the company's SLA, reducing the response time and preventing any equipment from going unnoticed after some configuration activity. In 2017 I decided to change my career and focus on being a developer, a profession in which I am passionate and today I feel that I made the right choice. I love learning and sharing knowledge and I believe we would all be better off professionally if we focus on contributing open source, sharing knowledge and learning from each other. I keep my personal codes and projects on Github and I have also developed my blog to put my learning into practice by publishing articles on development. I am also the creator of "Vue Theme", theme with more than 62000 Downloads in the Visual Studio Code editor.


  • ReactJS
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS (Preprocessor)
  • styled-components
  • ElectronJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Git/Github
  • Webpack


  • List item

  • Lan / Wan network management.

  • DHCP / DNS
  • Voip
  • VoD: Video on Demand.
  • Mac_OS, Linux and Windows.
  • Troubleshooting network problems
  • Network infrastructure.
  • CISCO and Huawei Routers

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