Lucas Brogni

I am Lucas, a 23 years old Software Engineer with 6 years of experience between QA and Software Engineer. In those experiences, I had got several skills and knowledge such as React, Angular, and NodeJS, Java C#, and PHP. In the last couple of years, I had worked mainly with NodeJS, in addition, to React or Angular in the frontend.

In my current job, I’m working as a contractor to a Company which is based in Seattle, but my team works remotely and is composed of 5 developers, being 3 of them in Brazil, and the other two in the USA, we use Scrum and our application is developed in NodeJS, and we have 2 frontends. The newest is developed in Angular and the legacy was developed in React. This change occurs because other teams in the company are using Angular and to keep all teams in the same way we changed our UI. In this job, also I had made some projects in my extra time, such a Mobile application to make sales even when the user hasn’t a connection, developed in React Native.

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