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Henri Cavalcante
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I was born in a small city of Brazil called Natal, it’s located on the coast of Rio Grande do Norte. My name is Henri Michel Silveira Cavalcante, passionate about technology, innovation and development. I have a dream that someday I’ll develop something that will contribute to humanity regarding to education. Although as a matter of priorities I don’t have a college degree, I really like to study, mainly when it’s about technology.

My history in software development starts when I was 9, I got my first computer from my father (486X2 66) where I had my first experiences with MS-DOS, I thought it awesome, but my first role as an entrepreneur was at the age of 13 when I used to use my computer and printer to produce business cards and sell them to my father’s workmates. At the age of 17, when I was about to finish high school, I gathered some old computers that I had, bought others and founded a lan house, then, came up the need to develop my first software to manage the users’ payments, as time passed by, the ways to own a computer became easier and people started to leave the lan house because they already had computer at home, then I decided to sell internet access to them because there were just a few options of broadband internet in my neighborhood, then I had the need to develop another software, this time, it was not only to manage user’s payments but also all the network. Fascinated for software development, I decided to study deeper.

When I was 20 I enrolled in a university and got a job for the first time for a company which was not mine, I realized that I was learning more by practicing than in the university, so, I left my computer engineering. Thenceforth I've studied and worked with a lot of things related by many areas inside the technology world, things related by full-stack development, DevOps, databases, algorithm. And today I am a software development technical lead at my currently job.

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